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I Do Have a Theory (Possible Trigger Warning)

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

I don't know this for a fact, but I have a theory that when our time is up, we are 'pulled' from our physical bodies long before it's meant to die.

I haven't learned this anywhere special, it is just something my rational mind threw together after witnessing a few people at the end of their lives.

I'm still studying this.

Accidental deaths would be the exception to the rule of course. These people had no idea that their lives would end when it did, and most likely, neither did any observers from the other side. So it would stand to reason that there would be no warning signs that their lives would come to an end. Therefore, no reason to pull that person from life sooner either. Or to place that body on repeat.

There are patterns in life. And, if we're paying close enough attention, we start to see them. Each one of us will get to a point near the end of our time where we become almost childlike, then our stories will be on a repeat pattern, right up until we are physical body is due to expire or in other words, depart, or die.

I have zero evidence to back this theory up. Just a few experiences, really. But those few experiences I had witnessed have led me to believe this.

Take a look at any item you may have that is near its expiration date. Whatever this may be, it won't quite work right. We will keep trying with whatever this is, but it will get to a point where this item is just done.

I do believe that even though your loved one may be 'pulled' already from their body and their physical body may be 'set on repeat', this person can still receive the love, messages, and attention that someone at the end of their time on earth should get. Even if these messages are not on a positive note. Anything you have to say to this person even if it's bad its good. So, make sure you say whatever you need to say. The present is always better though. Make sure you validate every single human being you come into contact with. Then, when you get to the part where their life is on repeat, you can relax, because you know you said and did those things you knew you should.

Until Next Week,

~Your Fellow Classmate Harmony

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