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So Now What?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

So far we have established that there is an exception to every rule and there aren't any real rules anyway.

Every single rule we currently have on Earth was made up by one of us. So it really all boils down to following whatever rules that sit right with you.

So, now what?

Well, we should probably talk about choices and/or decisions next, I think. It does seem like the next logical topic.

Now that you know you don't have to follow every single rule laid out in front of you, making choices should become a lot easier. It certainly takes a load off knowing you can follow whatever path you want. The harder part of this (I would think) would be if you were used to following a set of rules laid out by someone else with a serious consequence attached to it if you deviated. To that person, if they are reading this, you are always allowed to break their rules if it means your life will be better. I will never promote something different here.

Not every decision we face will be easy. They hardly ever are. People even have a hard time deciding on something as simple as dinner. And with every single decision we make, there will be a result of some kind. But these are the stones that build your path. Without them, you will go nowhere.

People often tell me about things that happen to them, and when I ask them why they didn't choose something else they often tell me "I had no choice". And here's what I think about that answer...


9 times out of 10 there were choices beforehand that could have been made that would have prevented the outcome that this person experienced. Remember my last post? You are either participating in life or it is happening to you. Well, most of the time the things that happen to us that we think we had no choice in are the result of not making a choice at all. Of course, there are probably occasions where there is an exception to this rule, I am sure. Overall though, there is not.

For example, many of us drive cars. We know that to continue to be able to drive we must do maintenance on these vehicles. If you have trouble with money occasionally and then the opportunity comes around for a little overtime at work and you say no to this extra money, at some point in the near future you will probably kick yourself for not taking the extra money and then saving it for these types of situations. As I said, you did have a choice.

At the same time though, I get why someone would turn down the extra work occasionally. There are things in life that are much more important than money. Sadly, money and paying our way here are a larger part of our survival than they should be. However, having a job and going to work is an important part of our education (This topic will be discussed in another post). One thing I have noticed that perhaps you should consider is the more we chose the work-hard path early on, the less we will have to pick it later. From what I have observed, this seems to be pretty much the standard with just about everything.

Until Next Week,

~Your Fellow Classmate Harmony

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