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There's Always An Exception To Every Rule

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Every single one of us starts life on Earth with a set of rules. All of these rules were taught to us by our parents. We are taught what is okay to say, touch, think, wear, believe, etc. There will always be some similarities, but for the most part, these starting rules are unique to you. Influenced by lessons already learned by the people who brought you into life on Earth. My favorite part of this is how diverse all these starting lessons are.

Some of these rules will stay with us for our whole life. While other rules will change or evolve over time the more we come into contact with the outside world. Our surroundings and society heavily influence what we think and how we should be.

This couldn't be more true today than at any other time in our history. Thanks to things like T.V., Social Media, and blogs like this one we have been bombarded with other people's opinions and rules. The hard part that comes up for most of us is when the rules suddenly change, or when they start to conflict with each other. It can be hard, especially now, to figure out what to believe or what rules to follow.

I'm not here to tell you what the rules are or what to do. I am simply pointing out a couple of things that can help you live happier and make choices that suit you.

So now comes the ultimate question, Do you have to follow every single rule? No. Of course not. Just because a rule is laid out in front of you does not mean you must follow it. There are always ways around them, to bend them, and of course, to break them. There will be times when that rule you were given just has to be broken. Thankfully, each one of us comes equipt with a tool to help us figure out what to do when that time comes.

Most of us call it our "conscience". Some refer to it as our "gut instinct". No matter the rule or lesson there is always a part of you deep down inside that knows if it is okay or not. In a future blog post, I will dive a little deeper into where I believe our conscience comes from. It is my belief that the more we listen to our own conscience the better off we will be.

Until next week,

~Your Fellow Classmate Harmony

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