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Why Do I Have To Work So Hard?

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Whether we like it or not, hard work is a part of life on Earth.

This isn't always grueling physical labor, it can be in the form of academics as well. After careful observation, it does appear that the sooner you embrace this, the better off you will be, and it does seem like it will taper off over time. I've seen many examples of this. Like that single parent supporting an entire household by themselves, or that one kid who held 2 jobs while putting him or herself through school. Eventually, these people will get to a point where it's not so tough anymore and they get that break.

Of course, we are all here for different reasons. So, maybe the path that was set out for you includes different periods of hard work throughout your life? If this is the case, it's probably for a good reason. I'm not 100% sure about that part. But I have noticed the longer you go putting off doing any hard work or trying to avoid it entirely, hard work will come to you anyways in an unpleasant form and then there's no getting out of it right to the end.

So my advice, pick your battle.

So now you may be wondering: What kind of hard work should I be doing?

Well, I can't see into your life so I can't get very specific without hearing certain details. But, the general advice I can give you is to take a step back right now and examine where you are in life. What kind of obstacles are you facing? What is it that you need to overcome? What can you do now to start making the changes you need to? Then, the scariest and/or hardest question you must answer is: what is it that's stopping you?

One thing I should probably bring up about working hard...

Working hard towards anything comes with a huge reward at the end when we're finished, so it is always worth it. Don't give up on whatever it is! Your timetable for success will be different than someone else's, and that's just the way it is.

[I.E. Just because Ralph learned to play chess in one day doesn't mean you'll learn to play chess in the same time frame. But that doesn't mean you'll never learn it. With enough practice, you just might end up being better than Ralph.]

The point is: Each one of us learns at a different pace so you cannot expect to achieve something at the same rate as that other person. But with enough perseverance, you will get to where you want to be.

Oh, one last thing I will leave you with to ponder this week... All of those people always telling you: "you can't do that" or "You're never going to make it" they're talking about themselves, NOT YOU! So don't you dare listen!

Whatever it is you are thinking about starting, or are already in the middle of, don't give up! You will make it as long as you keep working hard at it, believe in yourself, and never quit.

Until Next Week,

~Your Fellow Classmate Harmony

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