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Why Do We Take Ten Steps Back...

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Just when we start to gain some kind of positive traction in life more often than not we are thrown a wrench. There's always that thing that pops out of what seems like nowhere that takes a little wind out of our sail. I swear, it feels like every time we take a step forward we take ten steps back. Like history repeating itself. Why?

Sometimes, right before we are about to make that giant leap forward a situation pops up reminding us of where we were not so long ago. History repeats itself all the time for all sorts

of reasons. The key here, I believe, is to simply remind you briefly of where you were, and that is all. Just don't let it deter you. Yes, acknowledge it, and do whatever you must to face or deal

with it. But no matter what do not let whatever this is sway your attention away from your goal(s). You're almost there. There's no turning back now and you must press on and meet that goal too. Before it's too late.

~Until Next Time,

Your Fellow Classmate Harmony

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