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Why Is Everything Falling Apart?

Updated: Mar 28

When life decides it is time for change it often happens in an abrupt manner. Like a wild tornado that comes out of nowhere, it demolishes everything in its wake. The things in life we once knew are now up in the air like debris that was sucked up into the spiral and now discarded like garbage. Life becomes uncertain, uncomfortable, and sometimes scary. Like everything is out of control. Situations can feel hopeless or impossible. The life we once knew is forever changed and is totally gone.

Everyone on Earth will experience something like this from time to time. These things will often come in the form of some type of loss, like a death in the family, or a job loss. Sometimes it will be a divorce. Whatever the case may be when you are in the middle of something like this it is rarely pleasant at the time.

Life on Earth cannot, and will not, ever stay the same throughout your life. Otherwise, what will we learn, right? If everything stayed exactly the same, there would be no progression. We would never evolve the way we were meant to. And, it would be rather boring if you asked me. The best part about a change like this is more often than not once that tornado stops, and the dust settles, as long as you kept up with it, you'll end up in a much better place than when it started. So whatever chaos may be happening in your life right now, do your best to remember there is always light after a storm like this. You can, and will, make it through to the other side. Perhaps not completely unscathed but often better than you were before it started. Shining brightly, like the star pupil you were born to be.

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