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Plan to Have No Plan

[I'm sorry it's been a while since my last post. I was a bit preoccupied with the book launch, so getting to this was next to impossible.]

A lot of us will try to make plans for our lives in the beginning. This is often encouraged and/or pushed hard by the elders in our lives at the time, especially our parents. Most of them are convinced that they didn't "plan well". According to them, if they had, their life would have turned out better. It's usually something along those lines.

Here's the thing, there is a distinct difference between having a goal and planning your life.

This is the part most of our elders misunderstand or don't explain well to the younger generations. You can and should have some kind of goal. I do think most of us come here with one. It is when we try to plan out how we are getting to those goals, this is when things often get messed up. Life will throw obstacles in our path. Sometimes, these obstacles are big, and this will be where we will have to make a choice about the goal we were in the middle of pursuing. This is also where a lot of people will give up too.

You don't have to stop going after your goal just because life through an obstacle in your way. There are times when you might need to put it aside for a moment but you don't have to quit going towards it. Everyone's time frame towards a goal will be different. This part is a guarantee. Maybe the break you have to take will only be a week, or six months, or maybe five years. Or maybe you won't have to take a break at all. The point is that the obstacle that popped up doesn't mean you have to stop going after your dream. Life doesn't stop just because we have a goal. You shouldn't stop going after your goal just because life happens.

If you do decide to quit whatever it was you were pursuing there is nothing wrong with that. You did not fail or do anything wrong. All you did was decide that the goal you were aiming for was no longer for you. And you may want to consider that this could be the universe's way of nudging you toward a new goal that you have not considered yet. Perhaps this new goal will become your passion and you will achieve more success than you ever imagined. There is a reason for everything.

The other thing I am going to point out about our plans/lives getting "messed up". There is no such thing. The path you ended up on is 100% correct. You were meant to go that way. If you weren't, your life would have taken a different course. Remember, Earth is a school, so there was probably more to learn from the direction you ended up going than there would have been going the direction you wanted. Your education is what matters here, not necessarily what you want. It may not feel like it right now, but eventually, you will look back over your time on Earth. Armed, with all that new knowledge you didn't have before, grateful that "your plans" were derailed.

Until Next Time,

Your Fellow Classmate, Harmony.

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